Peru Finca La Requia

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This coffee is silky smooth with a clean body. Notes of milk chocolate and toasted almond are balanced with a hint of sweet citrus in the finish. Easy and approachable, this is a great example of why Peruvian coffees are gaining such popularity.

USDA Certified Organic.

In the middle of the UNESCO Peruvian Biosphere Reserve Asháninka Yánesha, Villa Rica, lies the coffee plantation La Requia. This is a women's project and they produce a creamy sweet, mildly acidic, easy-to-drink, organic highland coffee. Biodiversity, nature conservation and economic development are the focus of the local coffee farmers as they maintain their 1200-1400 masl ecosystem. The high content of geisha beans leads to a balanced and refined taste.

The agricultural techniques related to coffee farming in Peru today, date back to the 1700’s. And these techniques, such as shade grown and organic production, are suprisingly similar to the heritage techniques of the Peruvian people's ancestor, the Incas.

The terraced, leveled slopes created by the Incas around the basin of the Andes still remains an immense, complex and ingenious network of irrigation, fertile soil and geographical blessedness, that thrives still today, and allows coffee to be grown to its best potential.

This cup posesses a subdued creamy sweetness, mild tang with medium-low acidity and muted caramel notes.

Country of Origin Peru
Roast Medium
Body Full Body
Liveliness Balanced
Weight 200 gm