Indonesia Toraja Kalossi

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Sulawesi Kalossi is a rare bean with a full bodied, chocolatey richness similar to Sumatra, and very smooth. Sulawesi coffee has unusual depth and complexity. Bold and full-bodied, this is a multi-dimensional, highly aromatic coffee with prominent herbal, nut and pleasantly sweet wood notes. Very low acidity.

Celebes is the former European name, as bestowed by the Portuguese, of the island of Sulawesi. Sulawesi itself means "island of iron", for the iron ore production in Lake Matano. The island itself is oddly shaped. The earliest traces of man on Sulawesi date back 30,000 years. Some believe that the islands formed part of the land bridge to Australia and that Sulawesi may have been inhabited by Homo sapiens even earlier. Westerners, more specifically Portuguese sailors, landed on the island in 1525. The Dutch arrived in 1605 and within a few years managed to control most of the trade from the island, though it was not fully colonized by the Dutch until 1905.

The first coffee was grown in Indonesia in the 17th century, and the first coffee in Sulawesi was planted in 1750. Most Sulawesi coffee, also known as Celebes coffee, is grown on small farms. The mountainous region of Tana Toraja, where the high altitudes and volcanic soil are ideal for growing coffee, is the primary region for growing Sulawesi coffee beans.

This high-grown coffee features a heavy body and intense flavor. As with many beans from Indonesia, it is very low in acidity.

Country of Origin Indonesia Toraja Kalossi
Roast Medium
Body Very Full Body
Liveliness Smooth
Weight 200 gm