Ethiopia Assefa Dukamo

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This specially prepared sun-dried natural lot presents aromas of strawberry, chocolate liqueur, and fruit. It’s creamy with a juicy body and a sweet wine-like acidity.

Some 460 km to the southwest of Addis Ababa, we find the Kaffa zone. Here, high on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, wild Arabica coffee flourishes in the volcanic soils of the forest understory. We are proud to offer this very special coffee from the village of Shedo in the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. Assefa Dukamo owns the plantation that produces this delicious sun-dried, natural-processed coffee.

Assefa is a fine example of an employer's obligation to his employees; he not only preaches the value of hard work, but shows it in his daily interactions on his expansive 100-hectare operation. He stays true to his workers, ensuring that even during a national currency shortage everyone would be paid in full and on time.

The Kaffa region of Ethiopia is experiencing a renewed focus on conservation. The rainforest has been reduced to just 3% of its original size in years past, taking much of the shaded coffee fields with it. Much of the land that is left is being preserved, allowing coffee growers to use small portions to continue growing their crop. Through their efforts, 40,000 people in the region have increased their income and their quality of life.

At a medium-dark roast, everyone agrees: cherry and berries, chocolate, cloves. This coffee corners the market on unique flavor!

Country of Origin Ethiopia
Roast Medium
Body Full Body
Liveliness Balanced
Weight 200 gm