El Salvador Finca Santa Letitia

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Our El Salvador offering is a rare and special variety known as Pacamara. A hybrid of Pacas and Maragogype, it produces a refined, smooth cup with a rich body and hint of acidity. It retains the roundness and the balance of the Maragogype and marvelously combines sweetness and vivacity with crisp notes of exotic fruits. Aromatic notes of chocolate. Usually, medium roast.

The Mayan civilization covered an area of approximately 400,000 sq. km., extending from the Yucatan peninsula down to the western portions of El Salvador. The Mayan people and their descendants inhabited these lands for nearly 5,000 years. The culture defined itself for having a profound respect for nature, rich traditions and a strong belief system. In the Mayan language, El Salvador was called "Cuzcatlán," meaning "land of precious things."

Fortunately, when coffee arrived to El Salvador around the year 1750, a strong Mayan influence still remained. This adaptive culture, and its love for the land, embraced the cultivation of coffee in the region. The ideal land, the ideal people and the right variety of coffee plants, combined to produce the fine coffee we enjoy today

Finca Santa Leticia is located by the Cerrito de Apaneca, in the Northwest corner of El Salvador (near Guatemala), a place full of mystery, home of the Maya philosophers. The Pacamara coffee variety was created in El Salvador in 1953 by crossing El Salvador's own Pacas variety with the large bean Maragogype variety. Our classic Pacamara grows between 1200 and 1750 meters above sea level in what is considered to be one of the best areas for cultivating coffee in Central America due to its rich volcanic soil. The coffee is selectively hand picked, cherry by cherry as the fruits ripen, requiring multiple harvests of the same tree.

Finca Santa Leticia is not only a coffee farm, it has thousands of forest trees which increase the biodiversity of the area and generate refuge for local and migratory bird populations.

This coffee is exceptionally well balanced with a smooth mouthfeel and refined finish. Notes of fruity sweetness, some berry. Wonderfully aromatic chocolates and florals.

Country of Origin El Salvador
Roast Medium
Body Medium Body
Liveliness Balanced
Weight 200 gm