Brazil Fazenda Rainha Estate

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High Altitude, Estate Grown, 100% Yellow Bourbon.

Brazil Fazenda Rainha is the best Brazil has to offer. High elevation, volcanic soil, and pulped natural drying produces a full-bodied coffee, with flavors of chocolate, cherry, nut and spice, with a muted acidity. A major component in our "Espresso d'Aura" and great as a single origin.

Fazenda Rainha has been in Gabriel de Carvalho's family since 1890. Gabriel is a founding member of the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association and frequent finalist in the Brazil Cup of Excellence competition. Due to the steep topography, almost all of the tasks on the 480-hectare Fazenda Rainha are carried out by hand.

This coffee is 100% Yellow Bourbon. It is quite unique. When it is ripe for picking, the coffee cherries turn bright yellow rather than red. This coffee is produced using the pulped natural method (skin removed, some fruit pulp remains on the seed) and then laid out to dry on vast terraces the size of football fields.

Gabriel is deeply committed to social and environmental sustainability as well. Water is supplied by a spring on the estate’s land and wastewater is carefully treated to avoid polluting the spring. There is also an active tree-planting program to repopulate native species, with at least 25% of the farm’s land made up of indigenous forest.

Country of Origin Brazil (Minas Gerais)
Roast Medium
Body Full Body
Liveliness Smooth
200 gm