Tanzania Ngila Estate

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The Ngila Coffee Estate is located on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater in Northern Tanzania. This peaberry coffee is extremely well balanced, with a light citric acidity and delicately sweet notes of black currant, concord grape, lime, pomegranate.

The Ngila Coffee Estate is situated in the Karatu District on the slopes of Ngorongoro crater in northern Tanzania at an altitude of 1550-1630 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by the Ngila Forest Reserve. The estate has invested in the latest irrigation technology and processing equipment. Much of the estate is rich with indigenous shade, and some is undergoing re-forestation. To prevent foliage damage from buffalo and elephant herds, fencing was installed around the coffee area along with ponds to provide water for the animals. For more than 10 years, Ngila coffee has found recognition as one of the finest washed Arabica coffees owing much to the mineral-rich volcanic soil of the Ngorongoro Crater.

The only Peaberry in our current collection.

Peaberries seem to have a mystique about them. What's a peaberry? It's when a single bean develops inside the coffee cherry, instead of the familiar two "flat beans." Peaberries are by their nature rare, occurring in about 5% of coffee crops. These tiny peaberries are prized for a remarkable concentration of flavor.

The Ngila Estate peaberries produce a balanced cup with light acidity. Not as boldly aggressive as our Kenya coffee, but delicately fruited, sweet notes of black currant, grape, lime and pomegranate.

Country of Origin Tanzania
Roast Medium
Body Medium Body
Liveliness Balanced
Weight 200 gm